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  Ladies and Gentlemen,the all members from HUAAN LIMITED:

  Welcome to our family, absolutely I believe it’s a correct choice, from now on, let’s start your new working life on the basis of mutual confidence and co-operation.

  Since HUAAN have been established, HUAAN focus on
Gas Discharge

Tubes,SIDACTor Protection Thyristors,Metal Oxide Varistors ,TVS Diodes

,Resettable Fuse PTC and Surge Absorbers.

  HUAAN professional team export our parts to the worldwide areas such as

USA,Germany, Spain,Korea,Australia,Israel,Brazil,Malaysia,Italy,Vietnam,

Pakistan,Romania,Czech Republic,Switzerland,Sweden...etc, on the basis of high technology and excellent quality.

   HUAAN does a lot of training course, except the basic products knowledge and professional skill, we also connect

ed with some professional consulting company for improving ourselves, we sincerely wish all of the members not

only get a life supply from here, but also get a lot of improvements here.

  HUAAN offers development priority for the old staff with kinds of promotions, welcome to join in our managemen

t team, welcome to share with me your career dream, we will be very happy if you’d like to submit your long-term

development plan in HUAAN, HUAAN hopes forever development with such members.

   You’re the biggest treasure here, HUAAN development depends on your dedication, sincerely we wish that we

could see all of you’re transferring your positive and zest to everyone, let’s make HUAAN brand to the world!

Sincerely wish you have a fine future.

Director: Qing Ping Wen


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