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         BK22001002-M Photo

BK22001002-M  Estimated time of delivery

Free Sample    10 PCS

      3 days

Quantity       1500PCS

      4 days
Quantity      30000PCS       5 days
Quantity    200000PCS      18 days

NOTES: The above delivery time keeps 

changing from time to time.









































































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Surge Absorber is the component for lightning proof protection,over-current protection,and over-voltage protection.

It is suitable for instantaneous over voltage protection to ADSL,ISDN,MODEM,FAX,TEL,and for static 

protection to CRT display,TV set.....etc. 



Small capacitance and excellent insulation resistance(100MΩ min).

Small size,No polarity.No dark effect.

Low electrode capacitance(1pF max).

Quick response for electrostatic,surge voltage and low limiting voltage.

Stable for repeated discharge test conditions.

Operating temperature: -40≧ ~ +85≧.  Storage temperature: -40≧ ~ +125≧.


Electrical Characteristics                                                                                                                                



DC Spark-over voltage 200V \20%
Insulation Resistance


Capacitance of electrostatic(1KHz-6V)


Surge current capacity(8/20μs) 1000A
Surge Life(8/20μs 1000A) 10 times
Packing Quantity: 1500PCS









































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